kaitlin | enterprise senior 2013

in my effort to “catch up” with my work i am going to try to blog a session a day until caught up with that… i am determined to start my busy fall season in august with a clean slate… hey, a girl can dream… lol… this was a great senior session… this beautiful young lady is the oldest daughter of two of my good friends from high school… i have loved this crazy girl since before she was born… it is hard to believe she is now a high school graduate and thinking about college, etc… she was always the cutest thing and grew into a beautiful young lady… enjoy the peek into kaitlin’s session… good luck kaitlin… the “oak grove bunch” love you and are proud of you…

dream big… kim

rock a bye baby | twin newborn session

i never got a chance to blog this newborn session so thought i would share now… this session was a little different than my normal newborn sessions… twins make things a little more challenging… but then you add in that they are usually a little more alert than normal newborns shot between first two weeks of birth because usually twins have to spend a little extra time at the hospital making them a little order than normal for their newborn shoot… but, i was very pleased with the way these turned out… we used l & d’s beautiful nursery to capture most of the shots… these little precious miracles had been prayed for by many, many people but no more than mom and dad… so happy for this precious couple and can’t wait to watch these two cuties grow up… thanks LB for choosing me to capture this sweet moment…

dream big… kim

mary cait | bulldog senior 2013

love, love, love… not much more i can say… such a fun session… we took our time… took a lunch break… climb over locked gates… lol, but we got it done… great session!!!! enjoy the peek… thanks dena and mary cait for choosing dreamlife… it was a pleasure “shooting” you… good luck at LSU!!!

dream big…kim

brooke | hawk senior 2013

this was my only KHS senior this year but she was AWESOME!!!… i loved everything about brooke’s session… this session just proves the point that you don’t have to go around to 5 different locations to get what you want… we stayed right at brooke’s house/barn/riding area and got everything we needed plus some… and that makes it that much more special that the pictures were taken doing what she loves where she does it the most… brooke is the ultimate natural beauty… and such a sweet, gentle personality… enjoy the peek… thanks brooke for choosing dreamlife to capture your special time…

good luck and dream big…kim

f a c e b o o k