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lending a helping hand…

so, after cleaning out my shed yesterday afternoon and burning a LOT of my old teaching things, i was called this morning and asked to fill in for a teacher at OG Elementary for 6 weeks… i would have never even entertained the thought but this teacher is a special lady that i have known a long time and some of these students were in my kindergarten class the last year that i taught… but then i remembered that i am leaving next friday for imaging usa so this wasn’t going to be possible… but they said they would cover for me to still make my conferences so i said i would do it… so as of tomorrow, i will be subbing in fourth grade… i can’t believe i actually just wrote that… i never dreamed that i would be putting my teaching shoes on again, at least not this soon… but, then i thought about all the times that people have helped me out so i feel good that i can do the same…

this being said, i will not be available during the daytime hours for dreamlife business until after 3:30 everyday… please be assured that i am NOT closing dreamlife, as i am sure little rumors will be flying… i will be back to fulltime hours very soon… i will check emails and answering machine everyday so please email or call if you need something and garrett or i will get back to you just as soon as we can…

thanks so much for understanding… like i said, i will still give dreamlife the same attention that i am now… just going to get to entertain some 4th graders for a little while too!!!

dream big…kim

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